Monday, 20 March 2017


A lot of things have been written by many people and many videos on this topic but I would like to share my knowledge on this profound topic: ANGELS.

Angels are Spirit Beings Created by GOD with basically Fire and Wind. The book of HEBREWS Inspired by The Holy Spirit through APOSTLE PAUL.

There are basically two times of Angels: We have the Fallen Angels and Holy Angels.
Fallen Angels are in two folds:
* Those who fell with Satan from Heaven when they wanted to have their own dominion.
* Those who were sent on Earth by God to accomplish a certain task and they deviated from that to do their own desired things.

Holy Angels: These are called HOLY because they have been with the CREATOR ever since they were created.
To be HOLY means to fulfill the purpose of God for you.

For the Holy Angels we have:
* The Guardian or Covering Angels.

* The ArchAngels

* Powers   Note: For Powers we have Fallen and Holy Powers

* Virtues
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